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Activities in the surrounding area

Lysebu is situated 500 m.o.o with the woods right outside the doorstep, as our guest you will have the possibility to explore the beautiful nature that surrounds Lysebu. Here is an view over the activities nearby Lysebu.


Holmenkollen is the most-visited tourist attraction in Norway and one of the world’s most famous sports venues. At Lysebu, a wealth of activities are just a stone’s throw away. Sit on the starting bar and careen over Holmenkollbakken on Kollensvevet, a 361 metre-long zipline that swoops all the way from the top of the ski jumping tower down to the plain below. The height difference between the top and bottom of the zipline is 107.5 metres, and the view of downtown Oslo is unbeatable! Kollensvevet is open to the public in the spring, summer and autumn. Have you ever wondered what it’s like to sit on the starting bar on Holmenkollbakken and what it feels like to ski down the inrun at nearly 100 km/h? Then you can try the ski simulator in Holmenkollen.
aktiviteter holmenkollen

Tryvann summer - and winterpark

Tryvann summerpark
The summerpark is one of Scandinavia’s largest and most beautiful climbing parks, with 150 elements in the trees divided into 9 different trails of varying difficulty levels. The park offers something for the whole family – from mini-trails to trails up to 20 metres above the ground. You can also challenge yourself with one of the climbing park’s numerous ziplines. 

Tryvann winterpark
The winterpark is Oslo’s largest ski resort, with 18 runs and 11 lifts. If you wish to visit the winter park late in the day, it is illuminated five evenings a week. This winter resort has something for everyone – from easier runs in the beginner area to more challenging runs for more experienced skiers. Lysebu’s guests can purchase ski passes at the hotel’s reception desk. 


Visit Oslo’s longest and most famous toboggan run, Korketrekkeren (“the Corkscrew”). The hill is 2.6 kilometres long and starts at Frognerseteren. When you reach the bottom of the hill at Midtstuen metro station, you can easily take the metro back up to the top of the hill or to Lysebu’s nearest metro stop, Voksenkollen. The entire trip takes about 20 minutes. Right next to the metro station are two rental points where those who do not have their own toboggans can rent a sledge or two. Photo: VisitOSLO / Didrick Stenersen (NB Must accompany)
Aking i korketrekkeren
Ski i marka

Skiing or bicycling in Nordmarka

For guests eager to explore the surroundings on skis or bicycles, we can provide lease agreements and guides. Please contact us if you have any questions.


Would you like to experience an evocative twilight sleigh ride? In co-operation with Alna Ridesenter, we can offer this experience to our guests in both summer and winter – regardless of whether it’s for wedding, a Christmas party or if you simply wish to take a trip through the autumn or winter dusk. Sleigh rides is available for guests of the hotel only.
Hest og slede
Turstier i nordmarka

Hiking trails in Nordmarka

Just outside Lysebu’s front door is Nordmarka, with its myriad of marked trails and ski runs. Feel free to contact Lysebu’s reception desk – we will be happy to assist you with maps and suggestions for trips that are right for you. For guests eager to explore the surroundings on skis or bicycles, we can provide lease agreements and guides. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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