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Team building at Lysebu

Lysebu is located just 20 minutes by car from downtown Oslo, yet it’s far enough away to give you the feeling that you’ve left the hustle and bustle of big city life behind. If you wish to punctuate a break in a hectic day of meetings or offer a unifying and fun activity between professional undertakings and dinner, we can arrange a variety of experiences in and around Lysebu.

Wine tasting

The wine cellar is located in an old, converted well and has optimal storage conditions for wine. Approximately 4,500 top-quality wines – most of them European – are stored here, in what is one of Norway’s best wine cellars. Wine tasting activities are suitable for groups from around 8 to 25 people. Duration approx. 1 hour.

  • 8-25 persons
  • Choose between red wine, white wine and champagne.
  • The price is NOK 590,– per person for everyday wines, 790,– per person for weekend wines and 990,– per person for festive wines.
  • Prices include VAT.

The Icebreaker game

The Icebreaker game is a highly entertaining quiz usually connected to your meeting or as a fun activity during lunch or dinner. Each group recieves a tablet and compete between each other in answering as many questions as possible in the given timeline. This activity is divided into two heats, the first one during the foredrink and the second halfway through the dinner. Against an extra fee we can customize the game to your company.

  • 10-120 persons
  • Price: At request
  • Time: 2x15 minutes

Lysebu Challenge

Lysebu Challenge is a creative and fun team-building activity. The programme is energetic and varied, and takes you throughout the area in and around Lysebu as you work to complete missions on tablets. These may include anything from photography assignments to finding or doing something in the area. You will be divided into teams, each equipped with a tablet that serves as the team’s primary tool. Once the activity gets started, your team first needs to create a strategy that allows you to focus on what’s fun and what you think you’re good at.

  • Price up on request
  • Duration approx. 2 hour.
Lysebu challenge

Beer tasting

All beer served at Lysebu is produced in our brewery, and we offer everything from lager to doppelbock and stout. Our brewmaster has years of experience producing beers that incorporate alternative ingredients. He is happy to host beer tastings for groups visiting the hotel. The beer tasting is held in Lysebu’s beautiful surroundings, and participants will get to taste four different beers from the brewery. During the course of an hour and a half, participants receive an informal introduction to the brewing process, ingredients, and various types of beer. We taste and talk about the different beers in good company.

  • 8-30 persons, duration 1.5 hours.
  • Price: NOK 445,– Per person / Includes 4 x 2.5 dl of beer and snacks.

The Rosecastle

This year it is 80 years since Nazi Germany attacked Norway, and 75 years since peace. At the height above Oslo, you have the opportunity to experience the spectacular art project about Norway during World War II, and the freedom that the country lost. Bring your family or good friends and experience the Rose Palace. Combine a beautiful art experience with a delicious dinner and accommodation at beautiful Lysebu.

  • From 2 persons
  • Price:1680,- kr per. person in a singel room and 2920,- kr for 2 persons in a doubelroom
  • 3-course dinner
Roseslottet holmenkollen
aktiviteter holmenkollen


Have you ever wondered what it’s like to sit on the starting bar on Holmenkollbakken and what it feels like to ski down the inrun at nearly 100 km/h? Then you can try the ski simulator in Holmenkollen. Using video from cameras attached to the helmet and skis of Tom Hilde at the trial round of the 2010 World Championships in Holmenkollen, the simulator gives you a glimpse of what it’s like to shoot downhill on the new Holmenkollbakken ski jump.

Sit on the starting bar and careen over Holmenkollbakken on Kollensvevet, a 361 metre-long zipline that swoops all the way from the top of the ski jumping tower down to the plain below. The height difference between the top and bottom of the zipline is 107.5 metres, and the view of downtown Oslo is unbeatable! Kollensvevet is open to the public in the spring, summer and autumn.

Activities in Nordmarka

Is the goal to provide a brief break in the open air during a day-long meeting, or will your team-building be an integral part of a professional seminar? Lysebu has all the ingredients for group activities that can unify and motivate participants. We also collaborate with leading providers of team-building and relationship development events. For example, at Lysebu you can explore Nordmarka by bike, on foot or on skis, visit Holmenkollen and the Ski Museum, test your physical limits at Oslo Winter Park or Oslo Summer Park at Tryvann, sledge down Korketrekkeren, enjoy sleigh rides, or savour culinary delights. Prices upon request.

Aktiviteter i Nord-marka

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