kitchen garden

Lysebus kitchen garden

Every day, Lysebu’s restaurant serves dishes created with vegetables and herbs harvested from our own kitchen garden. Our guests are of course welcome to visit the garden and see what might end up on their plate that same evening.

Green focus

From the produce from our kitchen garden to the mushrooms, berries and leaves foraged in the forests around Lysebu, our proximity to nature means that we can offer guests the ultimate culinary experience. We serve healthy, organic and locally produced food and believe in the “farm to table” mindset – and the natural resources of our property make this the ideal place to put this philosophy into practice. But our green focus also entails the responsible management of resources and taking true environmental responsibility for our business – for example through our status as an Eco-Lighthouse. At Lysebu we show consideration for Mother Earth and do what we can to limit our environmental impact. To this end, we also compost our food waste, eventually transforming it into nutritious soil for the kitchen garden.

What we grow

At Lysebu we grow everything from ramsons to tomatoes, Jerusalem artichokes, nasturtiums, sugar peas and currants. The range of herbs and vegetables varies from season to season, but everything is used by the chefs in our kitchen and ends up on guests’ plates. When Lysebu’s head chef composes the seasonal menu, he bases the dishes on what we have available in the kitchen garden. Of course, our guests are also welcome to taste, see and feel the ingredients they find on the property – or simply sip a coffee on the cosy terrace in our kitchen garden.

Lysebu’s honeybees

At Lysebu we have around 200,000 permanent residents who work hard to deliver delicious honey to our breakfast table. The beehives are located in the kitchen garden. If you have any questions about them, you are welcome to ask our head receptionist – Lysebu’s very own beekeeper.