Seasonal menu

21. May 2024

An Exclusive Culinary Journey

This menu is a tribute to taste and elegance, composed of carefully selected ingredients that take you on a culinary journey.


Tuna Tataki

Enjoy our fresh tuna tataki, delicately sliced and lightly seared to preserve its natural flavor. This exquisite dish is accompanied by a vibrant Pico de Gallo salsa, offering a fresh and tangy contrast. Juicy pomegranate seeds add a subtle sweetness, while thin slices of crispy radish provide a pleasant texture. All of this is rounded off with a touch of Norwegian soy sauce, adding a rich umami taste.

(F – G – SU)


Reindeer Tongue Croquette

Our reindeer tongue croquette is made from tender reindeer meat carefully prepared to achieve the perfect consistency. The croquette’s crispy exterior hides a juicy center, and it is served with homemade pickled vegetables that add a tangy freshness. A rich dip made from Danish feta cheese and paprika completes the dish with a creamy and piquant flavor.

(G – M – E – SU)


Grilled Veal Tenderloin

Our grilled veal tenderloin is cooked to perfection and served with grilled bell peppers that provide a smoky sweetness. Delicate polenta pieces offer a soft contrast to the juicy meat, while caramelized baked shallots add a sweet and rich flavor. The dish is topped with an aromatic chimichurri sauce, providing a fresh and herbaceous finish.

(G – M – E – SU)


Kongeskogen Cheese from Bygdø Kongsgård Dairy

Experience the unique flavor of our Kongeskogen cheese, made at the renowned Bygdø Kongsgård dairy. This rich cheese is served with crunchy walnuts, adding a pleasant texture, and homemade nut bread, which offers a robust and nutty taste. A forest berry jam provides the perfect balance with its sweetness and tartness, making this cheese a royal delicacy.



Lysebu’s Mille-Feuille

End your meal with our Lysebu’s Mille-Feuille, a dessert that combines crispy layers of pastry with silky smooth vanilla cream. Rich chocolate and airy champagne cream create a harmonious flavor experience, while the topping of fresh berries provides a fresh and luxurious finish. This dessert truly puts the finishing touch on a memorable meal.

(G – M – E – SU)


Additional Courses

It is possible to add more dishes to make the menu 6 or 7 courses. Additional cost is 175 NOK per course. Talk to your waiter to expand the menu.


M-Milk/Lactose, G-Gluten, S-Shellfish, E-Egg, P-Peanuts, SO-Soy, F-Fish, C-Celery, Se-Mustard, B-Mollusks, Sf-Sesame seeds, SU-Sulfites, L-Lupin, Hv-Wheat, By-Barley, Sp-Spelt, Ha-Hazelnut, Va-Walnut, Pi-Pistachio, Ha-Oats, Ru-Rye, Em-Emmer, N-Nuts


Our Sommelier carefully recommends selected wines to complement each dish.

We look forward to welcoming you and sharing this unique culinary experience with you!


 MenuWine paring
2 courseNOK 535Price per glass
3 courseNOK 675NOK 620
4 courseNOK 870NOK 775
5 courseNOK 1065NOK 930