Seasonal menu

12. February 2024

An Exclusive Culinary Journey

This menu is a tribute to taste and elegance, composed of carefully selected ingredients that take you on a culinary journey.


Start with the seductive beef carpaccio,

delicately sliced and beautifully presented with pine nuts, tangy arugula, and Buffar cheese chips. The horseradish Snøfrisk adds a spicy contrast and harmonizes perfectly with the other elements on the plate.


Continue the adventure with the fried cod tongue,

tender and juicy inside and crispy outside. It is served with a delightful ramson and lime mayonnaise, which provides a freshness and spicy depth that complements the cod tongue in an irresistible way.


The main course, oven-baked Skrei,

is a tribute to the treasures of the sea. With its delicate texture and rich flavor, it is enjoyed alongside a silky knotted cabbage puree and a seductive Sandefjord sauce. The Hasselback potato, crispy and golden brown, is topped with pancetta and thick cream, providing a heavenly companion to the Skrei.


For the cheese part of the meal, an Afrodite cheese from Thornbjørnrud dairy is presented.

It is accompanied by homemade nut bread, delicate lingonberry jam, and walnuts, creating a balanced combination of sweet and salty, creamy and crunchy.


Finish this lavish meal with a deconstructed Success Tart,

where the almonds in various forms and consistencies meet the rich vanilla cream in a flavor symphony that celebrates tradition in an innovative way.


Our Sommelier carefully recommends selected wines to complement each dish.

We look forward to welcoming you and sharing this unique culinary experience with you!


Menu Wine paring
2 course NOK 535 Price per glass
3 course NOK 675 NOK 620
4 course NOK 870 NOK 775
5 course NOK 1065 NOK 930