Afternoon Tea menu

19. February 2024

Afternoon Tea

This afternoon tea menu is like a masterpiece for the palate, a flavorful journey through delicate tastes and irresistible combinations. – welcome to our magical Afternoon Tea experience!


TOP – Heavenly Heights of Taste:

Let yourself be seduced by the most exquisite taste experiences found at the top of our menu.

At the top of the menu, we find the enticing Champagne macarons, melting on the tongue in a symphony of bubbles and sweetness. Next to them, the enticing blood orange and vanilla choux buns, exuding freshness and subtle elegance. Matcha, white chocolate, and exotic fruit mousse are like a masterpiece of green tea, white chocolate, and tropical symphony. Domori, milk, and dark chocolate mousse are like a caramelized explosion of creamy chocolate. The complexity of Domori chocolate shines through every layer of the mousse, a symphony of flavors.


MIDDLE – Masterful Centerpieces:

Here, in the heart of taste, we present an ensemble of masterpieces that will tantalize your senses.

The menu is a harmony of contrasts and complex flavor profiles. The sweet fruit scone and the salty scone with Buffar cheese and mustard challenge the taste buds in a sublime way. Accompanied by seasonal homemade jams and sour cream, this part of the meal is a celebration of the freshness and flavorful richness of the season.


BOTTOM – Solid Pleasure:

At the bottom of the menu awaits a symphony of flavorful surprises.

Lobster salad in brioche is an extravagant combination of the sea’s delicacy and buttery brioche, a tribute to luxury and refinement. Truffle tart with Tronfjell ham is a masterpiece of earthy aromas and delicate flavors, while Danish rye bread with Hitra Blue cheese and pears marinated in rum transports you to the paradise of taste.


PRICE: 535 NOK per person – Join us on a wonderful flavor journey.


To top off the experience, we recommend adding some bubbles:

Moët & Chandon Impérial Brut Champagne: One glass – 210.00 NOK, One bottle – 1295,- NOK

Crémant de Bourgogne, Blanc de Blancs, Louis Picameleot: One glass – 130,- NOK, One bottle – 795,- NOK

Tosti Prosecco Extra Dry: One glass – 120.00 NOK, One bottle – 695,- NOK


Let’s journey through the universe of taste together and create memories that last a lifetime. Welcome to our Afternoon Tea – where every bite is an invitation to pure enchantment!


Please ask the waiter about allergens.